People ask me all the time about The name of my business.

How did I come up with Three Smudges?

the idea of using


Just didn't feel like me. It was too formal and stiff and didn't capture what I was about. I decided to name my business for my three Springer Spaniels who were my babies before babies.

An old house I lived in had this picture window in the front and they were constantly perched on the couch to look out of the window. No kidding- I had the couch recovered at least 4 times. As a result they were constantly leaving smudges from their noses on the glass. At first it drove me nuts... and then one day I just threw up the white flag and I gave up worrying about it. Now, 9 years into it Wyatt and Hank are no longer with me, but they were a major part of how I came to be in this place.

In the end... it's something that has rang true for many things in my life. The smudges are just a little proof that we were here. What fun is it all if it isn't a little messy? So, I'll take all the smudges. Again and again and again...




I have been in business going on 9 years and am located in Houston. I'm a lifestyle photographer who uses natural light and I typically shoot at people's homes or a nice outside setting. Newborn shoots I do at clients' homes or my office.



I grew up watching old movies with my mom and my grandmother. I have a special love of black and white and film. I started out in film and I believe that is where this came from. From a personality perspective I can be very black and white about details. This helps explain a little why photography would feel so second-nature to me. It's what is real. It's a moment in time and what was really going on. This is probably why lifestyle photography also feels more comfortable to me.

I graduated with a degree in early childhood education and I taught school for several years. I left the classroom for a more creative outlet but still wanted to do something that involved children. I love how the camera can see what's really in the eyes and I have especially loved when photographing children that they have this abandon to them. They don't have the hang-ups that adults have about taking pictures. They laugh and smile with their entire bodies and they do such silly things. The joy just radiates from them. I have always chased these moments with them, from the time they are very little to as they get older.