Chaparro couple | Houston family session

I met this adorable couple at Memorial park the other day to take pictures of them as they are going through the amazing stages of marriage. Their little boy is due next month, but they didn’t want the shoot to just be about them… They brought their babies before baby, Winston and Bailey. I love when people include their pets because I think it’s a more accurate representation of your full life. One day when the pets are gone you will look back and remember exactly who you were that day and who was in your life.

I have to give a major kudos to Justin that day because he was 100% cooperative (even if he was faking it) and went along with everything that I asked. The end result of this is images that really show their connection and love for each other.

Their world is about to be rocked pretty soon, but I think these two are going to handle it just fine…

Haley Webster