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It was a gross Houston day, one that is typical for the post Christmas ‘back to real life’ reminders. We even contemplated rescheduling the shoot, but we were determined to get it done. So, as planned we met at Memorial Park to try and brave the mud. You know how it is with kids. Once you have something on your calendar for the weekend it’s a PAIN to try and reschedule it.

I took these twins photos when they were only a couple months old, so it was so hard for me to believe that it had been over a year. Where the heck does a year go? Well, I can tell you I personally managed to cram a lot in 2018, but when it comes to my clients it’s always so crazy to see where they are.

A little mud day at Memorial Park

A little mud day at Memorial Park

It is always such a honor to me to be asked to do multiple years of photos. I love seeing how the kids grow and I love that a client has liked my images so much that they want more. I can also tell you that there is a benefit to doing this. I really get to know your kids pretty well. I PROMISE this makes future shoots so much easier. I have a family that I have been doing their photos for over 8 years. The parents don’t even come on my shoots anymore!! I either pick the kids up or they have dropped them off :)

The kids get so comfortable and know exactly what we will be doing and what to expect. I know for some of you who have tiny littles it feels like a lifetime away to actually be able to do that. As my kids are getting older I can see the light for me too! Woo hoo!!