what to expect

I invite you to explore my website and Instagram and see my style of photography.

If you like what you see then I would love to connect with you to find out what you need and if I can meet those needs. Once you contact me (typically via e-mail, but a phone call is fine too) you can expect to hear back from me by the next business day.

From here we will figure out dates and discuss location and feel.  



the process

My time for my shoots is based on lighting and this is typically either early morning or evening.

I will show you where I like you be/sit but I don’t like to arrange people and I prefer if you just enjoy your family or if we are talking that you just keep talking. After a while it begins to feel more like we are just hanging out and I will just be shooting as we go. 

One thing I like to stress is that as part of lifestyle it is critical that I connect with your kids.

I do this in all sorts of ways. I often will sit and put down my camera and do silly things with them or if I am shooting I will be making silly faces at them and ask them to do them back.

PLEASE don’t sit behind me and ask your children to stop or answer questions for them. It is so important to my process that they engage with me.

I promise, I am not just taking pictures of silly stuff. Once they open up and allow me in I get all the moments in between and those are the shots I am after.



after our session

My typical work-flow is to have your edited/color-corrected photos up for you to look at within 2-3 business days. (Unless it is Film.)

I will e-mail you a preview of your photos to see and then I will retouch. Retouching includes: blemishes, scratches, and basic fixing of anything that I may find distracting. I do not switch heads and prefer to leave images as organic as possible.

I also always edit some in color and some in black and white. It is just a matter of what speaks to me and where the emotion goes.  For my authentic/artistic experience it is best if left as is. If you are doing the Fine Art Package (coming soon) almost all of your images will be in black and white. 

You will receive an invoice for the balance of your package. Once your package is complete you are welcome to pick up the photos/thumb drive from my front porch.

If we are doing electronic delivery then you will have them available for download.