and answers

1. Do you sell jpegs?

Yes. I do not believe in holding your images hostage.

2. What should we wear?  

I think you should wear what makes you comfortable and at the same time allows your personality to shine, but also allows for movement and emotion. I have a guide I will send you that can help make this as easy as possible and will also help your photos have a timeless quality to them.

3. How long till we see our images?

 Usually a couple of days. I treat each client like a project. I find it difficult to move on to the next client until I have finished yours.  

4. How long do we have till we need to make a decision on our images?

I will leave your gallery up for 2 weeks.  

5. How long do you keep your images?  

I tried to hang on to everyone's forever, BUT... after a consultation with IT and the reality of that cost I had to make the hard decision to hang on to clients files for 1 year.  If you want to own them then please note that after 1 year from your photo shoot date I won't be able to offer them.

6. We have to cancel, what's next?

Just e-mail me or call. Life happens.  We can reschedule. If it becomes a habit I reserve the right to keep your sitting fee and require an additional fee for a new date.

7. Oh, no! It's cloudy!  

GREAT! Cloudy days are wonderful days for photos.  You do not have to deal with harsh lighting conditions and you get a natural filter from the clouds. If it's raining then I typically will make a judgement call 30-45 minutes before the shoot- NOT hours before. It's Houston. Our weather is just TOO unpredictable.

8. We have an injury or my child is sick.  

This depends on you. I love a good family photo with a cast.  It shows what was actually going on at the time (unless it's a serious mobility issue).  If it's a minor issue like a little runny nose then I can take care of that in post-processing.  If your child has a fever or is vomiting, then YES! Please, reschedule.  

9. What does "lifestyle" mean?  

It means that I sit back and allow you to be you.  I will help organize, but these are not the photos of yesteryear that are very posed with everyone looking at the camera.  I like movement, emotion,  and candid moments.  

10. Are these images copyrighted?  

Yes! As the photographer I own the rights to the images the moment I click the button on the camera.  I give you the right to PRINT them ONLY when I give you a print release.  This does NOT allow you to edit them or tinker with them in any way.  Think about it this way... If you bought a painting from an art gallery- would you add paint to it yourself or try to modify what the artist had done?  No! So, legally you may not do that to anything that I am giving you to print either :)

11.  Do you offer Mini Sessions?

 I do not.  I want to spend time with your family and you.  It doesn't feel right to me to cram it all into 30 minutes and charge you less and expect you to be happy with the result.  I'm after all the moments and that can take time.